James Freeman

Positive Empowerment Coach
Reiki Master Teacher

My Story

It seems like an age ago now. My life was falling apart. Everything I had tried to cling on to, fix, and save was falling away. I had tried to change everything around me yet it seemed to be making no difference at all. Everything seemed to be getting worse, not better. However through this period came a revelation РI had tried to work on fix and save everything and everyone around me, but I had never actually stopped to take a long hard look at myself, let alone work on myself.

Thus started the most incredible journey of my life. A journey of self discovery that has lead me through the most miraculous transformation. I have so loved this journey and felt so empowered by it that my passion is to help others do the same. I lived most of my life believing the glass to be half empty and that I was worth very little. If I could share one thing with you it is that if I can do this, so can you!

Learning is a contact process and every day I learn new tools and techniques, new way to achieve growth. I apply the techniques I use in my coaching in my own life every day and do my utmost to live and breathe every facet of what I teach.

My journey has brought be into contact with the incredible Sue Stone and I have been fortunate enough to train under her and become accredited as one of her Foundation’s coaches. Contact me today and let’s get started on your journey.