Sometimes in life we think we’ve got it all planned out. We’ve mapped out our path and that’s where we’re going. Done. Yet really, how often does that work out, especially if we’ve planned it all in our heads and failed to bring out hearts, feelings or intuition into the process. I had been working on a website design on and off for some weeks. I had chosen the technology framework quite diligently using an entirely left-brained process. Every single time I came to work on it though I got blocked by one issue or another. I was getting amazing support from the authors of the framework, but things were dragging, and nothing was working out. It was taking days to make trivial progress.

So at the end of last week I gave up control. I simply said to the Universe “show me how to sort this out”. I then left it over the weekend and had the most wonderful time celebrating with friends – yet I did not get enough sleep and started the week without a clear head. Some time on Monday morning, walking a tightrope with fatigue on one side and caffeine buzz on the other, I made a simple error. And lost everything. A rare lapse for me. Now as always I had backups – in reality nothing was lost – it was simply an annoyance that was going to cost me a couple of hours to fix.

But it made me stop and re-evaluate. What if this was actually a blessing? What if I actually ripped everything up and start again? I opted for the latter. Listening with my heart instead of my head I started searching. Two hours later I had come up with a new hosting platform that will suit all my needs better than before, a new framework, and most importantly everything just FELT right. It wasn’t a matter of what ticked the boxes – I went with feeling instead. I saw just how hard I had been making my life and how in actual fact the answers had been staring me in the face all along but I had not SEEN them. 24 hours later and I have made more progress in the last day than I had made in several weeks beforehand, and I have changed the way I will approach all future projects.

Sometimes we have to persevere, to carry on and see things through. Yet sometimes we have to be bold and be able to rip it all up and start again. That can instil fear into us and it is important that we trust in ourselves and our intuition. The Universe is full of wonderful synchonicities – had I not stepped back, put the intent out to the Universe, and then had the wonderful joyous weekend I had, I would have had more sleep. Thus I wouldn’t have made the “mistake” that ultimately lead me to the answer. I had let fear dictate that I couldn’t “rip it all up and start again” when actually that was exactly what was required. For really, are there any mistakes, especially if learning and growth ensue?

To quote from Trinityawakened Coaching & Quotes – “Out of chaos comes beauty”. It certainly did for me this week.